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Import SRT telemetries

If you received a .SRT file containing a recorded session, you can import it in Sim Racing Telemetry in different ways, depending on your platform.

For instructions on how to export a .SRT file, see Export SRT telemetries.


To import a .SRT file in the desktop version of Sim Racing Telemetry:

  • From the Main View, select the game corresponding to the .SRT file to import;
  • In the Telemetry sessions screen, press the Import button ;
  • select the .SRT file to import.


To import a .SRT file in the mobile version of Sim Racing Telemetry:

  • select the .SRT file from within the app you received it;
  • use the “share” feature of the app and “send” the file to the Sim Racing Telemetry app.
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