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Lap Track

This view displays recorded lap telemetry data on a map of the track.

 Lap View - Track

The track map can be zoomed in and moved around to focus in on certain sections.

Position Marker The Position Slider is displayed as a marker at the corresponding location on the track. This marker can be dragged the track to control the position slider as required.

Racing Line

 Racing Line Toggle This button can be used to toggle the racing line view, showing the exact racing line followed on the track. Racing Line Mode

Telemetry Parameters

A selection of three customisable telemetry parameters are shown at the bottom of the screen with values corresponding to the current Position Slider location. Enabling the checkbox in front of the parameter will visualise the data as a heat-map on the track. Up to three parameters can be enabled at a time. Track Telemetry Visualisation

Comparison Mode

Racing Line

In comparison mode this will display the lines for both laps on the track providing a useful tool for evaluating different racing lines. Lap Comparison - Racing Line


In comparison mode, a single telemetry parameter can be visualised on track for both laps. Lap Comparison - Track Telemetry Visualisation

Open the compare window where you can select another recorded lap to compare against.

Show the parameter selection window where you can select which telemetry parameters are available.

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