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Lap View

From this view you have access to all the telemetry data about a recorded lap.

Lap View - Charts


You can access several sub-screens:

Charts Lap Charts - customizable charts that displaying the recorded telemetry for the lap.

Track Lap Track - a visualization of the recorded lap telemetry on a map of the track.

Table Lap Data - a table displaying the numerical recorded lap telemetry.

Stats Lap Stats - customizable numerical statistics of telemetry parameters.

Comparison Mode

Comparison Mode The comparison mode option can be accessed from any of the sub-screens. It allows you to load in telemetry data from a different recorded lap to compare against the current lap. Lap Comparison Mode Setup

The comparison mode is applied to all sub-screens. Pressing the Reset button will remove the applied comparison.

Position Slider

The position slider is available in the Lap Charts, Lap Track, and Lap Data sub-screens. It allows you to focus in on a particular point in the lap.

Position Slider It's position can be changed with a common slider at the bottom of the screens.

Alternatively, the forward and back buttons  Position Slider Controls can be used to make more precise adjustments to the slider position.

The position is synchronized across all the screens.

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